We want to democratise property opportunities, to be accessible by everyone, wherever they are.

Join us today to participate in the digital tokenization of properties.


REIDAO is a technology firm, building on the Ethereum blockchain to change and disrupt the real-estate vertical. REIDAO uses digital assets to democratise access to real estate opportunities.

Every real estate that is registered will have it’s own Ethereum address where users can visit and retrieve information on the property, including its ownership by way of token.

This unique property token will follow a certain standard that makes it usable for other services built on the Ethereum blockchain.


Old method for purchasing properties
that has been around for ages

Property A


No. 555, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Title Deed


Here is our new solution
to replace the old method

Digitized Property



Property Token

Media Mentions

Bitcoin Magazine
International Business Times
Channel 8
BTC Manager

Benefits of REIDAO's Model


Based on the tokenization model, real estate can be put up for sale in the form of tokens. These tokens represent portions of the properties.


Instead of putting one big amount of capital to a single real estate, now you can divide them up and invest in smaller pieces of many real estates.

Liquid Market

Each ownership token can be independently traded, which creates a lower point of entry to own a piece of a real estate, compared to the traditional way.


Your assets ownership tokens can be transferred, inherited, or used as collateral. It is basically a store of value that is backed by real world’s real estate.


Gain access to real estate market globally.


Actual ownership of the real estate is held by registered trust companies in each jurisdiction, making sure that is managed to benefit the token holders.

Project In Focus

REIDAO is the initiator of Crowdvilla – Shared Holiday Homes, a community-based model for shared-use of real estate in the holiday homes arena.


Shared holiday homes

Crowdvilla will change the paradigm in using real estate assets as a community. Using blockchain technology to create an open and transparent way of recording digital assets, revolutionising the time-sharing model in real estate. As a community we will have access to shared holiday homes that WE can enjoy while on holiday. Crowdvilla is a non-profit organisation based and regulated in Singapore. Find out more at crowdvilla.io

REI Token

REI Token

REIDAO recognizes early supporters and adopters of digital tokenization of properties and seeks to rewards such users with certain benefits when using the platform. REIDAO introduces REI Token – an ERC20 compliant, REIDAO specific digital assets – as a proof of memberships to the platform that is transferable.

Read our whitepapers to find out more
REI Token Documentation
Crowdvilla Whitepaper

The Team

NEO Kok Beng

Co-Founder, Chairman, Adjunct
Associate Professor, National
University of Singapore

Darvin Kurniawan

Co-Founder, CEO

David Chandra

Co-Founder, COO

Hendrik Tanjaya Tan

Co-Founder, CTO

TAN Wee Liang Prof.

Advisor (Legal)
Associate Professor, Singapore
Management University


  • Jul 2016
    Real estate tokenization project annouced (REIDAO)
  • Jul 2017
    Expansion to Crowdvilla, tokenizing shared holiday homes
  • Oct 2017
    Crowdvilla structure valdiation (legal)
  • Mar 2018
    Crowdvilla (CRV) token sale
  • Apr 2018
    REI token sale
  • Jun 2018
    Crowdvilla property acquisitions
  • Sep 2018
    Establish Crowdvilla jurisdictional operation structure
  • Jan 2019
    Crowdvilla beta launch

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